In spring 2012, Fuel developed ideas for this project as part of Southbank Centre’s Women of the World Festival.

Kate and Louise commissioned Lizzie Clachan, Melanie Wilson and Natasha Chivers to design an installation in the White Room at the Southbank Centre. They created a serene and unreal garden space, with spaces to relax and watch performances. We loved the smell of it, and the beautiful soundscape which punctuated the day.

We commissioned Nic Green, Malika Booker and Lois Weaver to host the installation, welcoming audience members, introducing the performances, and creating ways for people to contribute their ideas of phenomenal women.

We commissioned 15 artists to create 10 minute performance responses to a woman who inspires them and these were performed at 30 minute intervals throughout 3 days of the festival.

“I work in between the cracks, where the voice starts dancing, where the body starts singing…” Composer, performer, choreographer, filmmaker and vocalist extraordinaire, she was part of the musical and theatrical avant-garde in 1960s America, and became known for her multidisciplinary work created initially as solo pieces for herself, and later involving her ensemble. The beautiful and bold simplicity of her composition and her playful and innovative use of voice (so called extended vocal techniques) continues to influence and inspire composers and singers all over the world.”
- Melanie Pappenheim