The Shout

Notes & Reviews
The Shout was formed in 1998 by the composers Orlando Gough and Richard Chew. The singers come from very varied backgrounds - gospel, jazz, blues, contemporary classical, opera, early music - and include several accomplished improvisers. It has been called a 'vocal big band', a 'club choir', a 'vocal Stomp', a 'dangerous choir', a 'choir of Babel' and a 'choral phenomenon'. It is, we hope, all of these things.

“The Shout continues to develop an ensemble sound and attitude like no other. It encompasses at least a dozen different singing styles and traditions, with the freewheeling flexibility of a jazz trio and the power and range of a classical choir twice its size. It is entertaining, funny and deadly serious. It is full of enormous egos and talents, yet they work effortlessly to create intricate and contemporary textures with no apparent effort or tension: all the energy is directed towards the audience.”
- The Guardian

Below is a short film about The Shout; an acapella choir of 16 solo voices who perform fantastically original music in concerts, theatrical productions and site specific work all over the world. For a wealth of further information on The Shout please visit: www.theshout.org. The film was made by Jonathan Glew: www.jonathanglew.com.